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Mastering Patient Flow: Using Lean Thinking to Improve Your Practice Operations, 3rd edition
Illuminate your thinking using lean principles to structure patient workflow improvements in your medical practice.

Integrated Delivery Systems: Ensuring Successful Physician-Hospital Partnerships
The outcomes of health system integration vary widely, and this book will help steer organizations toward a common purpose in a way that’s meaningful to providers, administrators, healthcare leaders and, most of all, to patients.

Physician Compensation Plans: State-of-the-Art Strategies
This book offers innovative approaches, plans and a step-by-step guide to assess or modify an existing physician compensation plan (or develop a new state-of-the-art plan) for your medical practice.

Data Sanity: A Quantum Leap to Unprecedented Results
This book by Davis Balestracci Jr., MS, shows you how to use everyday data in your healthcare organization to be more productive.

The Physician Billing Process: 12 Potholes to Avoid in the Road to Getting Paid, 2nd edition
Avoid potholes in your medical practice with new, innovative tools, techniques and procedures that allow you to diagnose and treat your healthcare organization’s revenue cycle to ensure a financially healthy bottom line.

Operating Policies & Procedures Manual for Medical Practices, 3rd edition
Unlike the game of Operation, this book is easy-to-use and includes customized policies and procedures designed exclusively for medical practice administrators and managers.

Electronic Health Records: Transforming Your Medical Practice, 2nd edition
Embrace technology in your healthcare organization with this book as your guide.